Wednesday, 16 September 2009

For the benefit of the "ofx".

I know i'm a memorable guy and all that, but sometimes the way i'm talked about by a forum long after i leave (usually not of my own accord) is kind of pathetic. In a weird way it's flattering, but still kind of pathetic.

I was banned for something like 148 years from the official forum over 6 months ago. It was sad for everyone involved, and i'm sure the standard of debate went rapidly downhill. But i quickly moved on, so i think it's time the rest of you do too.

Someone on my xbl friends list who still uses the oxf sent me a message about a problem a young lady named Charm Offensive is having. Apparently she knows what she's talking about and delivers it in an incredibly witty and biting manner, because certain people think that she is me.

I'm effeminate for a guy, but i don't imagine it's very nice for her to be likened to me. The fact that i have been IP banned should be enough to absolve her, but considering that the moderators and their cronies have pretty much been bitching about me over Twitter for a year, i guess they're not going to listen to reason.

I can't say i care though - it has nothing to do with me. I'm just posting this blog for posterity's sake. The idiots involved are A Sinister Duck, ADrunkRaper, Shade360 and someone named Marty.

I sent her a message over Live, and she informs me she can no longer post. Something about "abusing other members". She thinks it was her reply to a "Sinister Duck" in a thread about WaW...

You've listed a lot of things, but you haven't really said what's wrong with them. I'll pick you up on a few of the points though.

Enemy spawns, unlike in Modern Warfare, are not unlimited. (Except for in 3 locations - the end of Hard Landing, the end of Breaking Point, and the the end of Heart of the Reich).

The music (and overall presentation - menus etc) were a vast improvement over MW. You could argue about personal tastes, but as a musician i can assure you that the vast majority of WaW's score is better constructed. Maybe it was a little easier for them, as they had distinct sounds to build upon, but that changes nothing.

It's Sutherland. Not sunder land. Familiarise yourself with the guy at least, if you're going to make such ridiculous criticisms and then act as if they mean something. His voice work was great.

I have no idea why you'd whine about bouncing betties, recon planes, shell shock or artillery. The only "saving private ryan" rip off, is that you physically save a guy named Private Ryan. There is no other correlation to the movie, unlike enemy at the gates... but if you can't tell the difference between being inspired and glat out ripping something off, you have some pretty major problems.

To which he replied something to the effect of "wow - i'm not smart enough to actually discuss this with you". She said...

No, champ... you're not going to argue because you're incapable. Your malformed attempts thus far are a testament to that.

Similarly, they show that when it comes to World at War, you know nothing. So i'd suggest you do scamper off before you further embarrass yourself.

Also, it's funny that you'd say you don't care about a contrary opinion. That's the kind of thinking that keeps fundamental Christians fundamental Christians. You've offered absolutely nothing to back up your "opinion"... so much so that i'm hesitant to even call it one.

Is that what the forum has come to? Banning people that make you look a little bit silly? Like i said earlier, it's nothing to do with me, but i've taken screenshots of the various comments the "moderators" have made on their twitter pages, and will be sending them to someone in a position of authority at Microsoft.

If there was any reason to actually suspect her of being an alt, she would have been banned already. Which basically means that the mothers meeting of xbox moderators and "ambassadors" are, essentially, bullying a girl over the internet.

Very noble.

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